Fire dome

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Rent price - 500zł - for a day

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Fire has the ability to transform. It transforms and promotes metamorphoses. That is why the tomorrow of fire with its unbridled energy will suit dynamic people who want to develop and discover their new face.

Dome rental price – PLN 500 per day


Fully equipped kitchen


Hair dryer



Parking lot

Vacuum cleaner

Two double beds


Self check-in possibility

One single bed

Maximum 4-5 guests


Where to eat in Stara Morawa and its neighbourhood?

We've chosen popular nearby restaurants with good ratings for you to enjoy. The venues have also been selected on the basis of a convenient access.

Zielone Wzgórze ~ about 3,2 km
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 The restaurant has a diverse menu, where everyone will find something suitable for themselves. The menu includes specialties such as roast pork with dumplings, beef and poultry burgers, or dumplings prepared according to the recipe of the restaurant’s chef. The multiplicity of opinions and very good average ratings speak for themselves.

For example, a pork roast price is at 26 PLN and a beef burger served with French fries costs 33 PLN.

Address: Bolesławów 52, 57-550 Bolesławów.

About 3.2 km from 4 Elements yurts in Stara Morawa.

Puchaczówka ~ about 7,1 km
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The restaurant cooperates with local food producers, so the dishes are always prepared using fresh products. You can order grilled chicken breast, ribs, goose meat dumplings, burgers, steaks, fish and traditional soups. In addition to the main dishes, there is also a rich breakfast offer: oatmeal with raspberries, scrambled eggs, a traditional English or French breakfast. The restaurant also serves vegetarian and vegan dishes, taking into account the good health of its customers. The premises also has a wide range of Polish and foreign wines.

Beef burger (350 g) will cost you 36 PLN and for English breakfast you will pay 25 PLN.

Address: Sienna 5c, 57-550 Stronie Śląskie.

Around 3.2 km from 4 Elements yurts in Stara Morawa.

Lew jaskiniowy ~ about 1,8 km
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The place is famous for its delicious cuisine and affordable prices. The restaurant and bar room has 100 person tourists capacity. The menu includes: several types of oven pizza, dumplings, pasta, salads, broth, pork chop or chicken breast.

A margherita pizza with a diameter of 32 cm costs 18 PLN, and a broth – 10 PLN.

Address: ul. Klonowa 14, 57-550 Stronie Śląskie.

Around 3.2 km from 4 Elements yurts in Stara Morawa.

Kaczka i wino ~ about 4,4 km
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The dishes are prepared using natural products supplied by local suppliers from the Kłodzko Land. The restaurant’s signature dish is, as the name suggests, a duck. It is served in several ways, depending on the season and the availability of various products. A specially composed wine list and wine tastings are organized several times a year. This helps restaurant keepers gradually spread the culture of wine drinking. The menu also contains options for vegans and vegetarians.

Slices of smoked duck with vegetables are sold at 29 PLN, unroasted buckwheat kashotto with vegetables at 28 PLN and the breast of sous vide chicken with risotto will cost you 38 PLN.

Address: Mickiewicza 9, 57-550 Stronie Śląskie.

Around 4.2 km from 4 Elements yurts in Stara Morawa.

Raj pstrąga ~ about 5,8 km
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The owners of the restaurant can boast their own trout breeding in the crystal-clear waters of the river Młynówka. The fish is fried in a wood-fired pan, which undoubtedly adds to the dish attractiveness and unique taste. The menu changes with the season, but you can always find trouts prepared in various ways: grilled, fried, smoked or grilled in foil. In addition, you can order smoked trout paste, fish soup, Czech fried cheese and grilled pork neck.

Fried trout costs 19 PLN and Czech fried cheese – 18 PLN. Address: Goszów 14A.

Around 5.8 km from 4 Elements yurts in Stara Morawa.

Pizzeria u prezesowej ~ about 2,2 km
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Although the place does not serve typical local dishes, it is popular and has good reviews. For a pizzeria, the menu is quite rich – you can order not only pizza, but also dishes from the oven (rigatoni and gnocchi pasta, potato casseroles), kebabs or salads. What distinguishes the pizzeria from others is the fact that you can compose your own dish, based on the ingredients available on the menu.

Gnocchi with gyro cost 25 PLN, margherita pizza with a diameter of 32 cm – 19 PLN. Address: Kościuszki 47, Stronie Śląskie.

About 2.2 km from 4 Elements yurts in Stara Morawa.

Nearby shops

Dino ~ about 3,2 km

Polomarket ~ about 4 km

Market Rema ~ about 2,6 km

Delikatesy Centrum ~ about 3,6 km

Biedronka ~ about 4,3 km